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Sassy Nailz By D

Nail Art Bags(3D Nail Art)

Nail Art Bags(3D Nail Art)

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Nail art theme

Nail art bags for you to create your own nail art. Have you ever wanted images on your nails? Achieving that costs alot at the salon. This DIY box is created for beginners- advanced nail art lovers. 

Decals bag

Nail art book with a mixture of waterslide nail decals, adhesive stickers and airbrush stencils quantity of 50 sheets. 

Nail stamping bag

A set of machine made press on nails to create with

Stamping plate, stamper, sample stamping polishes plus more goodies inside 

Nail Art Sheets

Laminated for you to use over and over again 

Create your own hand painted decals

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